This is the first time an election has been held during a pandemic and we must adhere to Public Health Guidance in order to keep the public and all election staff safe.

While there may be unique control measures in some Polling Places, the following common controls and advice will be in place for all locations:-

  • If you have any of the symptoms of covid do not go to the polling place to vote, seek appropriate advice from your GP or the HSE
  • If you are self isolating or awaiting the results of a covid test do not go to the polling place to vote
  • Plan your voting for a quieter period
  • Bring a face covering or mask as they will be needed inside the building
  • Bring your own pen or pencil for marking the ballot paper
  • Follow the guidance of the staff member at the entrance, during busy periods they may need to manage a queue and we would appreciate your cooperation and patience if this happens
  • Sanitise your hands using the sanitiser provided as soon as you enter the building
  • Follow any directional signs inside the building and please adhere to the social distancing markers
  • At the polling station, there will be a protective screen for the protection of the staff and they will be wearing masks, you must present your photo ID by holding it up to the protective screen. If requested you may remove your mask to confirm your identity, please replace your mask immediately
  • If you do not have a pen or pencil, the polling staff will provide you with a new pencil. There is no need to return the pencil to the polling staff
  • Please do not linger inside the building to chat to friends or neighbours
  • Once you have voted, place your voting paper in the ballot box and exit the building as per the directional signs and the directions provided by the staff

To support the public health measures, there are many controls in place, the following are examples of some of the measures in place:-

  • Polling booths are sanitised before delivery to the polling station and again after they have been erected.
  • The Polling places will be cleaned and sanitised every 2 ½ hours.
  • A Covid 19 Management Plan has been prepared and implemented to ensure compliance with Public Health Advice for the management of the election as safe as is practicable.