We are not currently accepting applications for work at future elections.   The application process will re-open whenever the date for the next election is announced.

You can contact us via any of the following methods.


Dublin City Returning Officer.
54 Fitzwilliam Square,
Dublin 2.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prospective candidates for Dáil Elections may use the forms available for download below to register their candidacy. Candidates should contact the office of the Returning Officer to make an appointment to register their nomination. All candidates will require a completed Nomination form and Agent Forms. Candidates running under the banner of a registered political party should get a certificate of political affiliation signed by the designated party officials. Non-party candidates must lodge a deposit of €500 with the returning officer or submit a completed Form of Statutory Declaration by Assentors. Assentors should use the same name on that form as the name that appears on the electoral register to ensure that the form can be processed correctly.